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Importance of Maiism in today's religious world


It is high time that if individual religions want to survive the onslaught of the materialistic world, they must all unite and offer consolidated resistance. Unless that is done, each individual religion can and will be most easily strangled to death.

Universal Mai - ism lays down only six principles: (1) Universality; (2) Love; (3) Service; (4) Devotion; (5) Self Surrender; and (6) Spiritual co-equal status of man and woman.

By Mai's grace, a large consolidation of Universal Religionists has already been established. In the immediate future, it is very possible that groups of universal religionists, Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Jain, Zoroastrian Mai-ists may be formed. Such groups have their full independence and autonomous powers in all matters and details, except being out of rhyme with the above mentioned six principles. All such institutes can be as federations to the parental conception and institute of Universal Mai - ism. Any such universalized group may have its own temple, god, gospel, worshipping modes, rules and regulations, places ( temples and monasteries ) and PROPERTIES, in respect of which none others can have any right of dabbling. The smallest pocket size booklet of Mother's Message will convince anyone of the Mai-istic truth on page 8.“ A Universal Religion cannot be permitted to be made a cause for disunion, domination, prejudice, exploitation or superstition 

The heads of all such universalized Mai - istic institutes may meet

 together from time to time to hold deliberations about various

 religious, social, and general questions. They may have hearty

 exchanges of their own religions, various opinions, beliefs and

 experiences, doubts and difficulties, new problems, etc. They may

 help one another, advise and act cooperatively. As expressly stated

 on page 14th of Mai - Sahasra - Naama, there should be exchange of

 even charities, by leaders of different religions to one another.

To avoid all idiotic democratic spirit of bitter competition and rivalry, Maiji would wish to accept the arbitrary decision viz., that the honored crowned presidentship shall invariably go to the oldest of all such Universal Religionists: Mai-ism, (U. R. M. )s, whereas the vice-presidentship or chief-minister-ship be decided by the institute, considering all aspects of worthiness. In fact, to true Mai-ists, who are for serving and not for fighting like bulls, jackals and wolves, for political worldly powers, this question is ridiculously trivial. Each one would rather feel natural joy while honoring others.

Maiji has expressed ere long, that universalized gospels, say holy Bible, celestial songs of the Bhagawad Geetaa, Holy Koraan, Dhammapaada, Gurugrantha Saheb, etc. and all similar universalized and abridged and acceptable new revised gospels, be prepared for each religion, and put before the individual religions' world, as Universal Mai - Bible. Universal Mai- Geetaa. Universal Mai- Koraan, etc. There should be nothing to be envied or offended with or to be frightened about on prefixing “Mai '' word. It is only an at once- meaningful other word for “Universal". This measure will increase religiosity and eradicate all prejudices and will unite, at least the truly universally religious world, which is the main most purpose of Mai - ism. The world has reached the state of infinite varieties of contradictory ideologies, beliefs and living ways, and nothing is so very indispensable to remove the anarchical miseries, as to bring together and consolidate all human beings, of the Mai-istic mentality.

And this is no small achievement and task, that would surely lead to the maximum peace and happiness of the maximum number. At least, let them of the whole world, that is for universality, Godliness, morality, virtue, love and service, and religious co-equal status of man and woman be consolidated together, under the banner of any one Universal God to survive the onslaught of Satanism, Atheism. Materialism and Individualism etc. Let that God be Mother, Father, Humanity, Nature, or anything one likes. Downward degeneration tendency of human nature makes the change of religion and rule, inevitable.

As early as in 1941, Maiji expressed this idea in print and it was repeated in Japanese printed literature. It is a part of the preface of "Mother's Thousand Names" (750 pages) and runs the "If the world wants to be happy, it must start a searching campaign in every nook and corner of all continents, for saintly soul who are fully universal - minded, to whom all religions are theirs. whom all people of any nation are theirs, to whom the greatest joy is to serve God's children, to whom being in communion with, and in the service of God of one's own select belief is the only living.

Such self-controlled, universal -minded, God-favored humanity-welfare-worried selfless high souls of the said The New Universal Saints' Order alone, can create finally the best legislators, advisers, society-formers, society-reformers, peace-makers and peace-establishers."

Maiji further states the following: (A) From “ Mother's Message", 1944, reproduced from much earlier Mai - ism literature. Some of the practical measures for practical Mai-ists are : (Page 13 of “ Mother's Message") on bio (5) Promulgation of common religious literature of all religions. Publication of extracts from the sacred books of all religions. (9) Constructing, opening or encouraging to open, Mother's Lodges, Temples, homes and colonies under any denomination religion, national or communal, of any people, in any place. (B) From "Mother's Thousand Names " ( Mai Sahasranama 1940, Vol. II. (Para 9, Page 14). Exchange of opinions on religious questions and even of charities by leaders of different religions to one another, and convening common meetings whenever possible. (C) From “ Mother's Thousand Names 's pg. 222 of Vol. Il under "Mother Worship in Brief': This below-given quotation will make it clear that Mai-ism is not only universal, not simply for social benefits only, but for greatest tolerance in the subtlest matter, or even worship itself. It says thus

"The Founder would like some universal - minded, religious and rich philanthropists, to come forth for the construction of a major universal Mother Mai's Temple, surrounded by several minor temples, representing the worshipping place for the Mai-ist followers of a certain individual religion, who in addition and over and above what their own individual religion prescribes, are prepared to live out the belief, that we one and all are children of the same Almighty, Mother or Father, under the subjection of the same cosmic mind, laws of nature and the destiny of the whole humanity.

Maiji's great ambition would be to have several Mai - ists, who have been initiated into the ceremonies of each individual religion, and who would be conducting worship of the different aspects of Mother in minor temples, any, as desired by worship visitors, following the worshipping modes and ceremonies, prescribed by each religion.

(a) If in any distant-most future, Mai - ism Institute attains a stage of quite enough finance through funds, donations or offerings, as the natural result of enough interest and enthusiasm and universal appreciation of whatever is illuminating and heart-capturing in any religious literature, in respect of the universal tenets of love, service, devotion, sacrifice and self-surrender with quite an exalted position and treatment of womankind; and

(b) if Mai - ism institute also secures a host of highest scholarly religious men of each religion, Maiji would wish Mai - ism to undertake preparation of Mai - ism text books of every religion, as referred to just before, under the names of universal Mai - Bible, Mai - Geeta, Mai- Koraan, etc. and get them approved of, by final authorities and individual religious heads, who are fully sympathetic with Mai - ism aims and objects.

This first stage as stated being fulfilled, the second stage is referred to under (5) above, as a practical measure, viz., Promulgation and Publication. The third stage would be to have a standing authoritative council of universally religious scholars, who would be in up-to-date contact with all religious advancing new literature, with a view to deciding any most valuable new additions for the purpose of bringing up the universal religious Mai - ism literature sufficiently informative about the last and latest religious ideologies. The subject matter of all the work to be undertaken shall be strictly restricted to the said universal Mai - ism tenets.

If this precaution is not strictly adhered to, the world will again be drowned in the ocean of a new and more unfathomable confusion, indecision, perversion and limitless contradiction.

Let us have in one word an entirely new meaning to the word « Religion itself, at least for U. R. M. s of Mai - ism. Please try to visualize that the first indispensable prerequisite to achieve the said object is to be developing the universal spirit and outlook. Bv a “new meaning " it is not meant to be something never heard of before, but it is the strictly disciplined life" based on certain highest truths that govern the destiny of the whole world.

(a) If there is no consolidation, on seriousness of swearing, and no society that guides, controls and governs;

(b) if religion does not “ go ahead”, and if religion does not mean forward march;

(c) if religion does not respect science, psychology, logic, reason, experience, conscience, human nature and individual merits and demerits (please read Mother's Message )

(d) if religion has no value for beauty, goodness and truth;

(e) if there are no educational institutes and universities to train the posterity in every avenue of our past richest legacy;

(f) if there is no supreme desire to respect sublimities along with rigid intellectual dryness : (g) if there is not enough attention paid to ethics and eugenics; and finally

(h) if religion does not cease to be a cause of disunion, domination, prejudice, exploitation or superstition, etc., Maiji most emphatically proclaims, “Each of these words God, Guru, Religion, Scripture, Temple, Church, Religious Head and Holiness has no meaning and no utility. Any individual religion may, for sometime more, continue its limited inherited utility, but imperfections, contradictions, absurdities, objectionable traditions, etc., shall have their degenerating influences.

If at all we want the posterity to be true and faithful to each one's God and to be most sincerely accepting various religious beliefs of each one's individual religion, many wrong notions, beliefs and superstitions shall have to be completely swept out.

All along, Mai - ism has been striving to lay corner stones and foundation, on which newest superstructure, after all wisdom of the religious past and the scientific knowledge of the modern age are harmoniously assimilated, could be raised.

In one word Mai - ism is for preserving all that is best in the past, making maximum use of all agencies under the modern new discoveries. Mai - ism is not for overthrowing any governmental, economical, educational, social or communal systems. Mai-ism does not ignore the truth, viz., that blood will ever remain thicker and each soul will have a certain inheritance and a certain moulding, dependent upon the most intimate society and company. Mai-ism is for duties " and not for “rights", for "self perfection” and not for "personal possessions. Mai - ism is for entire raising of the wholesale datum lines, by a concentrated whole world effort. Mai - ism is for an outright change in the understandings, beliefs, minds, hearts and mutual  relationships of men to bring a better humanity into existence through all known truths, but especially through ethics, and eugenics ( as well ), virtue and character, morality and religiosity, etc. Maiji does fully believe, a day shall come, when with these old sweeping deletions and new elevating additions, the new world would be understanding by “Religion” an entirely new religion, open to betterment from time to time, and initially laid out on the said lines of the universal religion of Mai-ism.

As Maiji most honestly believes, Commanded by the Universal Mother Mai, whose instrument Maiji is, Maiji has been an inspired Universal Religion Founder and chosen divine illumination - recipient, avowed and deputed to revive, reform and renew religion as a whole, for the exclusive purpose of ensuring and perpetuating greatest happiness of the world as one humanity, through the one and the only one path of Universal Mai-ism Religion, which has as its cardinal principles, the tenets of love, service, devotion, cheerful self-surrender and spiritual co-equal status of man and woman, revealed by none other than the Most Merciful Mother Mai Herself, for the benefit of humanity (as detail fully narrated in pages. 21 to 33 of “ Mai-ism” (text-volume of over 750 pages, 1952.)

In conclusion, Universal Mai - ism sums up as under, with the hot haste as when the bell in the examination hall rings only ten minutes from now.” Maiji pushes in, maximum substance in minimum time, with all cool - headedness, and in a scattered "first come first served ” manner and order.

Universal Mai - ism represents the reversing station. Till now, religion in general has worked in the direction of creating diversities from unity, from one religion to several, say principally twelve religions, and further, into many sects and sects into innumerable sub-sects. Mai-ism raises a clarion call, to reverse the direction, from innumerablediversities to the only one, to unity. It prays to Mai for the world's eye and vision, that is not for magnifying, but minimizing differences. Let Mai - ism start its universal religious research work, on the basic assumption of the highest common factor, the H. C. F of all individual religions.

And yet, naturally enough, the reversing activity has to be done through the instrumentality of locomotives and trains themselves. Mai-ism object can be served only through a religion. Only a diamond can cut a diamond; only a medicine can serve as an antidote to neutralize the poison of a medicine. Mai - ism has to be a full-fledged religion, let it take quarters of centuries and centuries, to reach the stage of effectively working, as the reconciler and unifier of individual religions. Any riff-raff talks about a universal religion, without a universal God, are merely spittles. At any moment of the whole universe, or of any individual living, there is a fierce fighting of forces. Sum-totals, summations, consolidations are the most powerful factors that decide the destinies. With a view to changing the negative signs of spiritual and religious forces, and for the purpose of increasing the sum total of the algebraic powers of all varieties of benevolent altruistic forces that are in existence, it is indispensable, that we be wishing and seeing, that there are no longer cancellations but accelerations and augmentations of the fewest available divinity forces and Godly elements. Their consolidation, going above their present obscurely scattered state, and their unification, is the aim and object of the universal religion of Mai - ism.

As Mai - ism says, the murderer criminal cries out "peace, peace; protection, protection; '', when caught and captured by the constable. The world has created and contracted a craving for constant mango juice picnics. On the other hand, it casts away mango seeds as useless, and having turned too soft, too delicate and havocful for the only reason, that religion is an outdated subject, while the  too much fond of seeing fineries alone, the world practically runs away with disgust from the very idea of laboring or suffering under heats, rains and winds etc. for growing up any mango groves or trees.

To perspiringly work to grow up mango trees is the last thing, ever thought of by the modern world. "Some others should perspire, and we should have the profits and pleasures.” The world wants every nook and corner of itself to be brilliantly electrically lighted, but just reversely it has contracted the disease of destroying all electric power-houses and has been suffering, from the lunacy of hating all electric institutes, licentiates of electric engineering, architects, arts artists and artisans of electricity.

Mai - ism most emphatically reminds the world of the Inviolable truth viz. that "anything gone to disorder, can be righted by direct efforts only and by actually setting things right, on the very plane, alone.” Mai - ism has tried for over a full decade to seek cooperation and unification or affiliation with many more powerful and most influential universal religious institutes. As years pass, hopelessness and hopefulness, alternately swaying the future destiny of Mai-ism and the religious world, also gets on, larger and larger. In the matter of receiving sympathies from all corners of the world, that are universally religious-minded. Mai stirs up their souls to the maximum activity in the direction of consolidation of the said divine, spiritual and religious forces.

Someone has to make the start. Someone has to set the ball rolling. I have found, for every unit of over a hundred "yes" men, hardly one person prepared for service and sacrifice or at least, who is truly sincere. Maiji therefore, has introduced the test of true Mai -ists, having to take the adherents' or the general oath of the universal religion of Mai-ism. However dead any conscience may be, it has at least a small, or at least a temporary prick; and from that view-point, the constantly remembered fact of having taken an oath is better than a free-thinking libertine's blank-passport-safe position, of "yes" now, and "no" after the next moment. It is the world accepted practice that even well-known atheists are required to take their oath, when entrusted with responsibilities in the court, temple, ministry, etc. Oaths are being administered in respect of true evidence, marriage, fidelity or honest and faithful discharge of ministerial public duties, etc. There should be nothing havocful for the only reason, that religion is out dated subject, while the world continues to respect the said oath procedures, even when all oath - created conscience-warning-internal forces have practically got blunted. The very fact of a strong resentment against any Oath, is in itself an indication of the inward dormant belief, fear or the conscience prick; especially, in the case of the religious U. R. M. Oath. Mai-ism takes into considerations external forces as well.

The proclamation with an oath, of having been a universal religionist, is a commitment and a promise to all other religionists, about any U. R. M. 's universal love and service to one and all of any religion or no religion, to the extent of one's practicability. So often the society and in some cases, even the relatives, friends and the family members serve as the most powerful controllers and straighteners, to ever keep the oath-bound persons strictly within their true limits and always alive to their duties.

Surely, there is quite a large faction of the world and society, of persons, who in their hearts, do fully appreciate Mai-ism and even have some sympathy, but they have their most delicate reasons, not to be prepared for taking oath, at least out of fears, in respect of their society and nearest persons. It is because of this consideration, that Mai has most recently given to Maiji the inspirational suggestion, sufficiently in advance, to make one more addition viz., that of a list of them who are nothing more than mere “Friends, Sympathizers and Appreciators." All the same, Mai - ists' and Maiji's duty to do their best to remove all wrong prejudices, based on misunderstandings and wrong beliefs, does not in any way, diminish.

The oath proposal of Mai-ism is not an invention of yesterday overnight. I have, by Mai's Grace, reached a stage, after over thirty years, when I feel that Mai - ism has been sufficiently spread out and followed. I feel now, in 1963, that without any fear of being ridiculed or hissed out, I can give an active executive practical solid shape to What Mai had most generally dictated to me in 1940, and What She has directed me now, to practically act upon.


Those words of 1940, which form the reservoir, from which a spiritual strength and every hope and faith can flow, are these, printed on page 112 of “Mother and Mother's Thousand Names Vol. I, Part II:

“Mother's path is a mystery of mysteries, on account of such miraculous drastic measures, as none can understand or imagine Once you become Hers, She has Her own ways, Her on arrangements and adjustments. Once you enroll yourself as Hers, remaining task is Hers."

Universal Mai Bless All. Mai-ism Proclamation Day: Mai-day, Friday, 2-9-1932.

Ditto of this year falling on the same Mai-day, Friday, Mai-day, Friday, 2-9-1963.

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